Art Cologne

Booth B21 Hall 11.1

ActualitéDu 17 au 21 novembre 2021

It is such a pleasure for us to finally see you again at Art Cologne ! Nothing in the world would have allowed us to miss this get-together with you. Over all these years, you have demonstrated your loyalty to us, and for that we sincerely thank you.

To echo the gallery’s current exhibition, we are presenting this year at our booth a major work by Jean Dewasne (1921–1999) titled Incantation lyrique (121 x 180 cm), from 1969. Dewasne is the artist with whom Anne and Jean-Claude Lahumière worked from the very beginning, when they founded the publishing house Les Editions Lahumière. They facilitated the integration of a monumental work by the artist into the design of the Hauptbahnhof subway station in Hanover, Germany, where the mural painting can still be seen today, in perfect condition.

A large work by Victor Vasarely (1906–1997) Gestalt-ville (153 x 200 cm), from 1953, completes the display. This painting is one of the artist’s outstanding kinetic museum works from the early 1950s. While the gallery’s extensive collection mainly consists of Vasarely’s more constructed pieces dating from before his kinetic period, we also have a number of large works of this type in our collection.

In another part of our display, we are revisiting our exhibition "Surpassing, Reconstructing the Real," which grouped together works by Félix del Marle (1889–1952), Georges Folmer (1895–1977), and Jean Gorin (1899–1981)—three artists who sought to explore the principles of construction, all of whom founded artists’ groups that had an important impact on their era, such as "Espace," "Abstraction-Création," and "Mesure."
This exhibition attracted a wide audience despite the enforced closure of the gallery, and we wanted to share some works from the show with you "in the real world."

We remain, of course, faithful to our contemporary artists and we are presenting you a sample of works included in the group exhibition "Converging Geometries II," which has just closed at the gallery and featured works by artists such as Sigurd Rompza and Moon-Pil Shim. Nicholas Bodde and Siegfried Kreitner will present a selection of their latest works.

We look forward to seeing you all and send you our fond regards,

Diane Lahumière and all the team at the gallery


Art Cologne. Booth B21 Hall 11.1