"Converging Geometries" Part 2

Nicholas Bodde, Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon, Antoine Perrot, Henri Prosi, Sigurd Rompza, Moon-Pil Shim

Exposition passéeDu 16 septembre au 30 octobre 2021

We offer you the opportunity to discover the second installment of our trilogy of exhibitions titled "Converging Geometries," which features six other contemporary artists from our gallery. The works selected were produced at different periods in the artists’ careers. The works interact, connect with each other, and, in their own ways, play with aspects of geometry and color. These two entities, which are particularities of the gallery, are the fruit of the explorations of these artists. Their work demonstrates that a great diversity continues to nourish and renew the movement of "geometric abstraction," which has already spanned more than a century. This movement also offers a way of taking a more peaceful view of our current world. Even if everything around us is changing at a spectacular pace, when we look at these works they compel us to become an observer, to take a pause.

Henri Prosi (1936–2010) focuses on frameworks, using the three primary colors plus black and white. Prosi tends to display a baroque approach, making use of movement, imbalance, asymmetry, and fragmentation to convey a centrifugal force.

Sigurd Rompza, born in 1945, insists on the fact that he pushes the viewer to participate in his work, just as an entire generation of twentieth century artists have done. The origin of this participation is the movement created by the eye as it analyzes what it sees in space.

Antoine Perrot, born in 1953, probes an ensemble of cultural strata in which are intermingled the virtues of abstraction, the detachment of minimalism, and the irony of pop art, as well as processes relating to the sphere of DIY and the false naivete of allegedly "brut" forms of art.

Moon-Pil Shim, born in 1958, traces fine lines that traverse boxes, etched using a Stanley knife applied directly into zones of white or colors painted on Plexiglas—almost invisible, the markings remain defined. After a straight line appears a curve, a circle in which color is only barely revealed.

Nicholas Bodde, born in 1962, pursues an interest in color, creating improbable alliances. As he states himself, the reason these alliances work is that the paint has achieved its own autonomy and can reach beyond his studio. His paintings are strident and can be likened to free jazz, employing a palette of extremely vibrant, even shrill, colors that accentuate the vitality that emanates from his work.

Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon, born in 1964, works primarily with metal, creating geometric structures that form mysterious pieces, such as her most recent series made from perforated steel in which a masterful use of welding is combined with a shimmering effect derived from the material itself.

"Converging Geometries" Part 2

From L to R Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon Moon-Pil Shim

"Converging Geometries" Part 2

From L to R Antoine Perrot, Henri Prosi, Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon

"Converging Geometries" Part 2

From L to R Nicholas Bodde, Sigurd Rompza and Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon

"Converging Geometries" Part 2. Nicholas Bodde, Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon, Antoine Perrot, Henri Prosi, Sigurd Rompza, Moon-Pil Shim