André Masson a mythology of being and nature

At the Museum in Céret

ActualitéDu 22 juin au 27 octobre 2019

Some will be surprised to find here the link to a André Masson (1896-1987) exhibition, to which the gallery lends a few works.

As a matter of fact, André Masson, by the very beginning of the orientation of the gallery taken by Anne and Jean-Claude Lahumière, was at the origin of a passionate fight for the recognition of this unloved artist in France. Anne and Jean-Claude Lahumière organized several exhibitions in the 80ies at the gallery boulevard de Courcelles and presented his works at the Chicago Art Fair, where they were successfully welcomed.

For more information regarding the exhibition at the Musée de Céret running this summer it’s here

André Masson

André Masson

’La mythologie des halles’ 1964
huile sur toile 130 x 162 cm

André Masson a mythology of being and nature. At the Museum in Céret