Moon-Pil Shim


ActualitéDu 15 mai au 5 juillet 2014

It would be a shame to show just one aspect of Moon-Pil Shim’s oeuvre, so we have decided to present an overview. The first time I saw Moon-Pil’s work, I was struck by the linear impact of what looked liked magnetic tape aligned in boxes. Our first collaboration dates back to 2007, during a show in conjunction with the city of Angers on the theme of “white”—his work had evolved into flat zones of white or black streaked with colors etched into the Plexigas with a Stanley knife. During his first exhibition at Galerie Lahumière, his lines acquired an undulating movement and his colors became more marked as orange, green, and red filled his boxes. This new show will feature flat surfaces that slope or shift in the lower register of his pieces, as well as reliefs made of Corian, representing another aspect of his oeuvre, one inspired by his collaboration with architects on “percent for art” projects, which he has been doing since 2008. Light plays a dominant role in his work, whether in boxes where colors cloud the whiteness or in light projections executed as a “percent for art” piece or as a temporary public installation, such as last summer’s In Situ event that showcased French heritage. Moon-Pil claims to be a painter as much as a sculptor, labeling himself a visual artist. The twenty items on show here will offer a fine overview of his oeuvre.

Diane Lahumière

Born in Daegu, Korea, in 1958, Moon-Pil Shim has lived and worked in France for over twenty years.

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Moon-Pil Shim. Overview