Sigurd Rompza & Co. "Positions of non-figurative art"

At the Kunstverein Dillingen

ActualitéDu 8 octobre au 5 novembre 2023

This exhibition offers a theme bringing together the works of Prof. Sigurd Rompza but also those of his former arts students : Esther Hagenmaier, Claudia Vogel and Dirk Rausch

Sigurd Rompza, born in 1945 in Bildstock in Saarland, works in the field of concrete art. The first reliefs were created in 1972. Since 1985, the artist has been working on colored reliefs and wall objects that do not require the support plate for the relief. Round rods and square rods made of aluminum are connected to each other in such a way that open image shapes are created. Without the support plate, the linear elements can now work freely on the wall.

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Sigurd Rompza

Sigurd Rompza

farb-licht-modulierung 2017-18
Acrylique et laque sur bois
40 x 60 x 30 cm

Sigurd Rompza & Co. "Positions of non-figurative art". At the Kunstverein Dillingen