Free papers I

Bauduin, Etienne Béothy, Marcelle Cahn, Georges Folmer , Otto Freundlich, Auguste Herbin, Jean Leppien and Antoine Perrot.

Past exhibitionFrom 13 May to 8 July 2023

From the preparatory drawing to the final one, from collage to gouache, including prints and artist’s books, come and discover the multitude of applications that cover the field of works on paper.
This exhibition features the works of:
Bauduin, Etienne Béothy, Marcelle Cahn, Georges Folmer, Otto Freundlich, Auguste Herbin, Jean Leppien, and Antoine Perrot.

Bauduin produced many books, for him it was an essential element of his work. The choice of paper, typography, photos and or drawings, the choice of the printer and especially that of the casing, make his books true works of art. The publication was very limited, a large number of copies came to join the Frac Bretagne before its death in 2022.

The preparatory drawing for a sculpture, here in the case of Etienne Béothy, or that of a painting as Auguste Herbin did, are always very interesting to observe. They are the witnesses of a creative process in motion. At Béothy the study of volume and statuary form are in research.

With Herbin the process is particularly present, because the beginning is done in a school notebook, then on a sheet annotated with colors. This drawing in graphite most often, sometimes biface, helps the artist to situate the composition of the work. Then comes the coloring, the transition to gouache or watercolor allows to evaluate the colors for in the final phase to realize the painting. The same process is visible in the work of Otto Freundlich, his compositions set up, with touches of color he performs the preparatory state of gouache.

Jean Leppien, like Antoine Perrot, offer autonomous works, they have no preparatory vocation. In Leppien’s pastels we will find his attraction for the south, they are luminous and their compositions recall his paintings of the 1950s. There are also monotypes which are a unique printing process, on a non-porous support, which will not be engraved. and reused after cleaning for a new test.

Antoine Perrot sought by all means to produce works differently, seeking color in different industrial mediums. The drawing has an existence parallel to his work as a visual artist, it serves as an outlet for tensions, it is designed in the privacy of his apartment, in a more solitary and less talkative way. The collages are more akin to his plastic work, where we find the search for color in different materials that are not initially purchased in article stores for painting and sculpting.

The production of works on paper recalls intimacy, the first draft of the work and the exploration of the creative spectrum.


Free papers I. Bauduin, Etienne Béothy, Marcelle Cahn, Georges Folmer , Otto Freundlich, Auguste Herbin, Jean Leppien and Antoine Perrot.