Auguste Herbin - Erich Mühsam

Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

ActualitéDu 1er juin 2022 au 7 juillet

Still visible Until July 7, 2023 at the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, the portrait Erich Kurt Mühsam 1907 painted by Auguste Herbin.

This Fauve painting by Herbin represents a German political figure and writer : Erich Kurt Mühsam, from the revolutionary left, who tirelessly denounced the rise of the far right from 1922/23 onwards. He was assassinated in July 1934 at the Orianenburg concentration camp.
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Auguste Herbin

Auguste Herbin

Portrait d’Erich Mühsam 1907
Huile sur toile
92 x 73 cm

Auguste Herbin - Erich Mühsam. Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin