Art Paris

Grand Palais éphémère Champs de Mars Booth E10

ActualitéDu 7 au 10 avril 2022

This year we will focus on Galerie Lahumière latest activities, with a review of our recent, current and upcoming exhibitions.

Converging Geometries III, the final part of our trilogy devoted to our contemporary artists, will allow you to see a selection of works from this exhibition at the stand, notably those by Charles Bézie, Jean-Gabriel Coignet, Jean-Michel Gasquet, Yves Popet and André Stempfel.

Georges Folmer, une abstraction 1950–70, our current exhibition, has allowed us to discover the artist’s work once again with the publication of a monograph written by Lydia Harambourg and published by Editions El Viso. An area of the stand will offer an echo of this exhibition.

Finally, we will organise an “encounter” between works by Auguste Herbin (1882–1960) and Jean-François Dubreuil at our stand, heralding a Jean-François Dubreuil exhibition at the gallery in May, in conjunction with the release of a monograph focused on the artist published by Editions du Regard, accompanied by a text by Jean-Marc Huitorel, art critic and exhibition curator.

Jean-François Dubreuil, born in Tours in 1946, is one of the artists who have contributed to the construction of the gallery’s contemporary image. He creates his paintings from existing formats and organisational layouts provided by daily or weekly newspapers, assigning colours, particularly red for advertising and black for photos, to his canvases’ surfaces.

Auguste Herbin, one of Galerie Lahumière’s key artists, created a system based on geometric shapes and colours, which he called his “plastic alphabet”, which often makes it possible to decipher the title he gave to a work. Dubreuil encountered Herbin’s oeuvre in 1975, and this discovery confirmed his notion of producing painting from a previously defined system.

Dubreuil’s taste for geometric abstraction and his partiality for the graphic and pictorial treatment of writing led him to bring together, around a cooperative gallery venture ‘La galerie 30’, a fairly large group of colleagues who would come and exhibit in his flat in the 1970s and 1980s. It was towards the end of the 1980s that we met Jean-François Dubreuil and that he directed us towards a number of his colleagues and friends, such as Charles Bézie and Henri Prosi. In 2016, he was awarded the Aurélie Nemours Prize for Lifetime Achievement at one of the Art Paris sessions.


Art Paris . Grand Palais éphémère Champs de Mars Booth E10