Converging geometries III

Charles Bézie, Jean-Gabriel Coignet, Jean-Michel Gasquet, Hans-Jörg Glattfelder, Yves Popet, André Stempfel

Exposition passéeDu 13 janvier au 26 février 2022

We invite you to discover the final part of our trilogy, entitled Géometries Croisées (Converging-Geometries), with six other contemporary artists, painters and sculptors. The works chosen were created at different periods of their careers. Despite all these years, tests, research and interrogations, the paths of these artists present a great coherence and a fidelity to geometrical abstraction which commands respect. The works by each artist, their views on geometry and colour intersect and continue to reflect each other, much to our delight. They offer us a fine overview of the history of geometric and constructed abstraction over the last thirty years.

We revisit, through a few works, various periods in Charles Bézie’s pictorial production, such as the Quadrilles, these enlarged criss-crossings of lines and planes, including a masterful work, a cutout, which gives body to the construction of the Quadrilles’ structure. A work from the Gradation series is also presented, along with one of the Ortholudes suites, with the return of primary colours in his oeuvre.

Jean-Gabriel Coignet offers us two sculptures from a brand-new series that he has named Focales, here is what he tells us : “A coloured plane on the right on which the gaze focuses, then an opening on the horizon where the gaze gets lost, finally on the left, two contiguous planes that outline an interstice. The gaze doubts. Of the near, the distant, the uncertain. These sculptures reveal plane after plane, the constructive elements of which they are composed.” A work from the Ana series completes the presentation.

In Jean-Michel Gasquet’s work we will return to a series produced during 1994 to 1995, entitled Les droites, then the Biseaux that he is so fond of, a work from the series inspired by his sculptor friend Patrice Rozand, and a very recent work on colour, which echoes research already carried out in the past, but far more purified with improbable hues.

We take a small tour of Hans-Jörg Glattfelder’s very special world through a few works. His research into the non-Euclidean plane since the 1970s has led him to produce works the sight of which makes us doubt our ability to see. His angular forms, which are neither completely rhombuses, nor completely rectangles, disconcert us. He deceives us with his vanishing angles on the plane.

We propose to return to some of Yves Popet’s older paintings, where with simple squares he creates the conditions of a space, of an emptiness filling silence.
You will also discover his latest pastels, a technique in which he excels. Few artists achieve such a finish using this medium. A path of coloured pastels welcomes you at the entrance of the exhibition.

André Stempfel always offers surprises. He has concocted some new works on paper, not far from his favourite Senegalese yellow, to the delight of all. A small detour by the painting on a base Accord des ons, just to forget the ambient cacophony, enjoy ourselves and maintain a smile even if hidden behind our masks when leaving the exhibition !

We hope you enjoy your visit.


Converging geometries III. Charles Bézie, Jean-Gabriel Coignet, Jean-Michel Gasquet, Hans-Jörg Glattfelder, Yves Popet, André Stempfel