A new look at Henri Prosi

Prolongation until march 10th

ActualitéDu 11 janvier au 10 mars 2018

Bringing a fresh eye to Henri Prosi’s studio, we have decided to show his works from the 1970s and ‘80s. There is a striking liveliness to his explorations of broken lines, of cut-out and collaged canvases that are sometimes stretched, sometimes not. And yet structure is also there—the cut-outs are clean and, once collaged onto the canvas, organize the cluster of lines. This set of works vibrates, drawing and awakening the eye, which is then tempted to dwell longer in order to grasp what is dancing in front of it. Prosi was an energetic, vibrant character, always in movement.

Domitille d’Orgeval provides a good description of the artist and his work : “At the start of his career in the mid ‘60s, Henri Prosi embraced geometry not because he viewed it as the embodiment of a moral truth or absolute geometric order, but for its vitality. In fact, referring to his early geometric paintings, he stated, ‘There is a dynamic action, something happens. It seems to me that something comes alive. Like people who meet in the street, like life.’ This dynamism, based on the dialectic of relationships, governs all of Prosi’s output. He explored its endless possibilities thanks to his startling ability to reinvent, studying in turn the contribution of color (limited to the primaries and black and white), rectangles, squares, verticals and horizontals, solids and voids, all the while placing the accent, each time, on a particular feature of the work, such as its structure, or its surface, or its outlines.”

Henri Prosi 16 cases traversées 1982

Henri Prosi 16 cases traversées 1982

A/C & COLLAGE 85 X 85 CM


A new look at Henri Prosi. Prolongation until march 10th