Jean-Gabriel Coignet

Sculptures, reliefs

Exposition passéeDu 15 mars au 28 avril 2012

The gallery will currently have show with sculptures by Jean-Gabriel Coignet, here a few notes that he made in his atelier about is work :
« My practice of sculpture is taking place between architecture and object, borrowing from the object its glossy aspect its homogeneity, nearly impersonal as well as its seriality. From the architecture I borrow a few elements of its vocabulary and its disposition. The result is giving forms nearly familiar but who neither are part of architecture nor of objects and who have to invent themselves a space, a kind of cohabitation with their close environment.”

Jean-gabriel Coignet excerp from atelier notes,
KunstKonkret n° 15, 2012

A couple of sculptures were produced with the concourse of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès at La Verrière


Jean-Gabriel Coignet. Sculptures, reliefs