Claude Pasquer

Partition verticale

Exposition passéeDu 13 janvier au 3 mars 2012

The title Partition Verticale (Vertical Score) covers the concepts of space, time, and light/color. Spatially, these paintings are structured by a network of vertical and horizontal lines forming a virtual grid orchestrated in segments, namely chromatic signs that respect a numerical system which unfolds across time in sequential form. These signs are organized in a combinatory interplay based on rules of repetition, permutation, displacement and vertical translation. Such interplay brings to the fore the various phases of transformation operating within a perpetually changing whole, thereby generating an open structure.

“Following a strict logic of banning any personal touch, Claude Pasquier’s paintings are done with a roller so as to eliminate the subjective effect of brushwork. Geometric shapes are handled in flat zones, taking the entire surface of the painting into account. Planes—sometimes in black and white, usually in color—may shift, but they never leave a void. The picture is conceived as a set of independent stretchers handled as modules, making it possible to elaborate complex compositions by transferring the permutation process to the polyptych-like fragmentation of the overall painting. Since the modules are constantly being recomposed, these series always project new visual combinations. Pasquier’s work thereby engenders its own dynamic as it constantly evolves. It hardly matters if, among all the series conceived, meditated, computed, drawn and recorded, only a few figures or arrangements of figures are actually implemented. Beholders who encounter such work understand very quickly that they’ve entered a game which calls simultaneously upon eye and mind.”
Hubert Besacier


Claude Pasquer. Partition verticale