Henri Prosi - Selected lines

Prolongation to the 25th of june

Exposition passéeDu 18 avril au 25 juin 2009

Henri Prosi has resolutely committed his work to a constructed geometry that combines rigor with sensitivity. Displaying a great economy of means, his post-1996 works are based solely on the horizontal and the vertical, on lines and right angles, on the simple shapes of rectangle and square. This spare visual idiom is accompanied by a precise, subtle composition in which pictorial effect is strictly eliminated to the benefit of an exclusive quest for rhythm and balance.
The chromatic harmonies in his work—sometimes contrasting boldly, other times more quietly—in no way undermine a visual clarity always conveyed by Prosi’s meticulous, sleek, precise handling. This demanding approach yields a geometric abstraction whose extreme purity and rejection of all anecdote embody a radicalism that stems from Prosi’s profound inventiveness and pertinent intuition.

Domitille D’Orgeval


Henri Prosi - Selected lines. Prolongation to the 25th of june