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du 24 au 28 avril

Exposition passéeDu 24 au 28 avril 2008

Friends of the Gallery,

If the art press is to be believed, Chinese art is undergoing relative decline. Is that good news for us ? Perhaps, because it may mean that an art-lover’s eye and preferences will be more focused on a less spectacular art, one more deeply rooted in our own history.

In any case, this impression has been borne out by our recent shows. Right up to the last minute there was some suspense over the wonderful exhibition of sculptures by Jean-Gabriel Coignet, but in the end the results were more than satisfactory. The Fonds National d’Art Contemporain selected three of his works and many others went to our own collectors—Jean-Gabriel was as delighted as we were. You will be able to see two of his works at Art Paris and other pieces in Chicago.

Since we’ve stepped up the pace of our shows, we sometimes fear we are asking too much of our faithful friends, but once again this fear proved unfounded with the exhibition of Hans-Jörg Glattfelder. He is well-known in Switzerland and Germany, but our show was his first French retrospective. We are grateful to all our Swiss and Italians collectors, as well as to Hans-Jörg’s friends, who traveled to see the show alongside all the Parisians who discovered, appreciated, and bought his works. Some of his pieces will certainly be found on our stands at Art Paris, Chicago, and Basel.

The show of work by Nicholas Bodde has just closed, and once again a well-informed if varied public manifested its interest in his work. ART PARIS and CHICAGO will be offered an encore.

The current show, which opened on Saturday, March 15th, is devoted to Manfred Mohr. We have previously shown some of his works in company with Vera Molnar. Manfred was honored with an exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris thirty-seven years ago, when Liliane Touraine of Art Press posed the question, “art and computer : creative or artificial ?” With hindsight, we now know that computer-aided creativity truly exists. Manfred, whose work we have been collecting for many years now, has pursued cube and hyper-cube to the point where we see their development on screens that show them rotating in ever-changing forms. In 2006 Manfred won the Digital Art Award, leading to a number of shows in German museums. Our exhibition will feature a retrospective view of canvases going back thirty years. Elements of the show will also be on view at Art Paris and Chicago.

Meanwhile, we will continue to present new works by Jean-Francois Dubreuil, Charles Bezie, and Jean-Michel Gasquet, as well as classics by Freundlich, Fleischmann and Herbin (about whom Serge Lemoine has just written a major text describing him as the forerunner of an entire generation of artists).

Along with the entire team I would like to send you our best wishes, and we look forward to seeing you at one or another of these events.

Art Chicago Suite 12 booth 547. du 24 au 28 avril

The Merchandise Mart Chicago, Ill.