Art Cologne

Hall 11.1 Booth C319

ActualitéDu 17 au 19 novembre 2023

We are happy to see you again for the 56th edition of the Cologne fair.

We will return to the group exhibitions organized at the gallery since the beginning of the year. Particularly on “Motionless Mobility” where the spectator is no longer a simple viewer, he will have to exercise his gaze to seek and find what the immobile work can offer him as mobile, with the works of Siegfried Kreitner, Timo Nasseri and Victor Vasarely (1908-1997).

In another register, that of color, some works by Sigurd Rompza will be presented. At a fair, however, it is difficult to correctly present this subtle work which takes on its full scope in the changing light of day. The colors in Rompza’s works, depending on the viewing angle, lighting and curiosity, can provoke a chromatic experience.

Works by Jean Leppien (1910-1991), a student of Kandinsky and Albers at the Bauhaus, will also be present. The artist gradually detached himself from the influences of Kandinsky and Albers by joining work on crosses, and especially towards his famous circles which he called UFO (unidentified flying object). The choice of his palette from the start is very influenced by his environment, his numerous stays in the south of France dazzle his eyes, this blue sky, the luminosity of the landscapes, red, green, yellow, end up to installed himself in Roquebrune, where he found a workshop. There is no systematism in his compositions, nor in the choice of his palette, even if the work gains in reduction, it is no longer Albers’ teaching which predominates but just his sensitivity and his Mediterranean environment. His humor and a keen eye made him say of a painting he had created that he had to hold the wall long enough under his gaze to know if what he had just painted was really a painting.


Art Cologne. Hall 11.1 Booth C319