Art Paris - 25 years already !

Grand Palais Ephémère Booth E10

NewsFrom 30 March to 2 April 2023

We will recall the various exhibitions that took place at the gallery, such as Auguste Herbin ’La majesté de la peinture’, ’Immobile mobility’ with, among others, Jean d’Imbleval, Timo Nasseri, Siegfried Kreitner or Victor Vasarely, ’Aurélie Nemours with friends’ including Jean Leppien, Ode Bertrand, Gottfried Honegger or Henri Prosi.

Auguste Herbin (1881-1960), whose plastic alphabet which he developed around 1930 and continued to develop until the end of his career, was a great innovation. Many artists of subsequent generations were inspired by his find, continuing to develop geometric abstraction, one of the longest movements in the history of art.

In January 2023 we inaugurated an exhibition on the theme ’Motionless mobility’. The opportunity to present unique works from the Lahumière collection, but also to approach a story about the impression of movement and deformation. We will be showing a few works by artists who are rarely shown at the gallery, in particular Jean d’Imbleval, Siegfried Kreitner or Timo Nasseri.

Aurelie Nemours, during her lifetime, created a prize bearing her name, aimed at rewarding any artist, regardless of their discipline, whose work pursues the rigorous plastic quest imbued with spirituality that was hers.
She wrote: "Thinking that art is a fight against the disarray of our civilization, I firmly believe that the spiritual charge of art is the only recourse and the only salvation".

Among the friends of his generation there was Jean Leppien (1910-1991), a pupil of Joseph Albers and Wassily Kandinsky, who studied at the Bauhaus in Dessau, a revolutionary school that brought multidisciplinarity to life, creating links between the arts and the daily life of men. Throughout his career he kept in mind the precepts of the Bauhaus. He was also a member of the committee of the Réalités Nouvelles salon responsible for the geometric abstract section, in the same way as Henri Prosi (1936-2010. The latter was also one of those artists who engaged with others, by entering the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in 1965, he had ceased since 1988, becoming a member of the committee then vice-president, to defend the geometric abstract section.

Another friend of Aurélie Nemours, who seems a little forgotten, Gottfried Honegger (1917-2016), is not left out. He created the Espace de l’Art Concret in Mouans-Sartoux, gave the French State his private collection, in which are found a large number of artists of geometric abstraction and a large part of his work via this institution. Shortly before his death, in September 2016, we gave him an exhibition, during which he explained the social commitment of his work in a flamboyant speech as he knew how to pronounce it. All his life he worked in a concrete way for better living together.

All these artists are committed in their own way to a better world, sometimes in a spiritual or concrete way, we owe them a lot of balance and recognition.


Art Paris - 25 years already !. Grand Palais Ephémère Booth E10