Art Cologne

Hall 11.1 Booth C130 Koelnmesse - Cologne

ActualitéDu 16 au 20 novembre

It’s time to meet again at Art Cologne.

We will do a brief overview of the various exhibitions that took place at the gallery during this year. In particular those of Georges Folmer (1895-1977) and Jean-François Dubreuil who were the occasion to present their monographs, of course an echo will be given to the Auguste Herbin (1882-1960) exhibition ‘The majesty of painting’ currently in progress at the gallery with a text by Serge Lemoine.

Auguste Herbin, who, towards the end of his life, perfected his "Plastic Alphabet", allowing him to compose paintings from simple geometric shapes in correspondence with musical-sounding colors, revolutionized abstract painting and opened up a field for current and future generations of artists. In 1950 in Paris, he was recognized as an innovator.

During the Georges Folmer exhibition, ’A geometric abstraction 1950-70’, we decided to offer a more contemporary reading of Folmer’s works by orienting our choices among the 50s and 70s which emphasize his plastic language and its commitment to geometric abstraction ; this was also the time when he created the Mesure group (1960-1966), bringing together artists such as Aurélie Nemours and Günter Fruhtrunk.
Lydia Harambourg, art historian and art critic, presented Folmer’s work in the monograph published by El Viso editions.

We will also be showing some works from the Jean-François Dubreuil exhibition “Lures and pleasures of a conceptual painter”. Jean-Marc Huitorel, curator and art historian, presents the work of Jean-François Dubreuil in a completely different light from what he has given us to see until now. This fascinating text is to be discovered in the monograph published by Éditions du Regard

Let’s not forget the German painter Andreas Brandt, of whom we will bring some canvases, which are of great sobriety and great strength.

On another part of the booth, you will have the pleasure of discovering new works by Nicholas Bodde, Siegfried Kreitner, Yves Popet and Jean-Gabriel Coignet.


Art Cologne. Hall 11.1 Booth C130 Koelnmesse - Cologne