Marcelle Cahn. In search of space

Museum of modern and contemporary art of Strasbourg

ActualitéDu 29 avril au 31 juillet 2022

Marcelle Cahn’s career in the history of 20th century art began at the edge of the expressionist and purist currents, and flourished in the 1950s through a free abstraction, endowed both whimsical and extremely rigorous, of which the relief-paintings and spatial paintings of the 1960s are a remarkable achievement. From the infinitely small to the quest for a space that is sometimes architectural, sometimes poetic and musical, the artist has developed a refined and sensitive language, devoid of any dogmatism. More than 400 works and documents from public and private collections in France and abroad, reflect all the singularity of the artist

General curator : Cécile Godefroy, art historian and independent curator Associate curator : Barbara Forest, chief heritage curator at MAMCS, and Alexandre Quoi, head of the scientific department at MAMC+.

In partnership with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Étienne Métropole (MAMC+) and the Rennes Museum of Fine Arts.

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Marcelle Cahn

Marcelle Cahn "Carte à jeu" 1923

Huile sur toile 46 x 38 cm

Marcelle Cahn. In search of space. Museum of modern and contemporary art of Strasbourg