Architecture Shape Color

Musée Fernand Léger

Exposition passéeDu 25 juin au 26 septembre 2016

1954. Reconstruction is in full swing in France.
That summer, in the middle of an olive grove, on a hillside in the village of Biot, works by Fernand Léger,
Sonia Delaunay and Jean Arp appeared alongside those by Victor Vasarely, Nicolas Schöffer, Denis Brihat, Maxime Descombin and over seventy other artists and architects.
This open-air exhibition, organised by the members of Groupe Espace – founded in 1951 by Félix Del Marle and André Bloc – was conceived as a form of manifesto. The objective for all was to promote the integration of the arts into modern architecture, in order to come up with a kind of urbanism that was respectful of social necessities, as well as functional and aesthetic ones.

Jean Dewasne 'Première passion' 1949

Jean Dewasne ’Première passion’ 1949

Huile sur toile 68 x 93 cm

Architecture Shape Color. Musée Fernand Léger