Art Paris Art Fair

Booth D 15 Grand Palais Paris

Past exhibitionFrom 31 March to 3 April 2016

In the context of the Korean Year in France (2015–2016), the gallery is featuring the work of Moon-Pil Shim, a Korean artist born in Daegu in 1958, who divides his time between France and Korea.
Light plays a dominant role in Shim’s work, whether in boxes where colors cloud the whiteness or in light projections executed as “percent for art” pieces or temporary public installations. By the end of the day you will enjoy the projection on the façade of the Grand Palais among six other selected artists. His works’ calming presence reflects his native Korea, known as the “land of the morning calm.”

We will be showing works by Shim specially realized for Art Paris Art Fair displaying circles, whom we have exhibited since 2007, including a major overview in 2014. These works are abstract, composed of flat surfaces and fine lines etched directly into Plexiglas, echoing the works currently on show by painter Jean-François Dubreuil and sculptor Jean D’Imbleval (1929-2014).

The other part of our stand will be devoted evocations of past shows, with works by Gottfried Honegger (whom we exhibited at the gallery in September 20 to overlap with the one at the Pompidou Center) and Aurélie Nemours (whose fine works from 1959 to 1992 were featured in our final show of 2015). Our return to two-artist exhibitions in January resulted in a wonderful show that juxtaposed paintings by Charles Bézie with sculptures by Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon.

Moon-Pil Shim Projet projection façade Grand Palais

Moon-Pil Shim Projet projection façade Grand Palais


Art Paris Art Fair. Booth D 15 Grand Palais Paris