Jean Dewasne, la couleur construite

De l’Antisculpture à l’architecture

Past exhibitionFrom 22 March to 9 June 2014

Jean Dewasne, La couleur construite,
De l’Antisculpture à l’architecture

Musée Matisse – Le Cateau-Cambrésis

The Matisse Museum shows the recent state donation of the polymorphic work
of the master of the french constructed abstraction Jean Dewasne.
Prizewinner of the Kandinsky Price in 1945, he gave a contribution to the french
lodge at the Venise biennial in 1962 and 1968.
In 1966 a first retrospective exhibition of his work was given in the Kunsthalle in
Berne by Harald Seezman.
He his the artist who made the two murals for the great arch of La Défense,
(the largest paintings of the world), murals for the subways of Rome, and
Hanover, who hinted the idea to put colors on the George Pompidou Center ,
but was forgotten by art history for about 30 years.
This exhibition will show the work of a man thoroughly implied in a resolutely modern work, because of it’s connections with science and it’s links
with industries in Denmark, the Netherlands, or France (Renault), and also innovative in his relations with architecture.His "antiscuplture" the red compartment
(habitacle rouge), was for the last time shown in Pittsburg 1975, and will be
exhibited in this occasion as well as 60 other original works.

Jean Dewasne

Jean Dewasne "La longue marche" extrait du pf

Sérigraphie extraite du portefeuille de 12 planches de "La longue marche"

Jean Dewasne, la couleur construite. De l’Antisculpture à l’architecture