Andreas Brandt

À propos de l'artiste

Looking at the canvas “Black and White with Red,” you can see that the pictorial elements mentioned in the title are active on the left side, confronting an extreme extension of gray on the right side. It is no longer a question of empty or resonating fields, because in this particular galaxy color and the determined bisection of the painting prevent a hierarchy of the preponderance of colored shapes. Even if left and right are somehow united, they are nevertheless perceived separately and generate a confrontational dialogue within a highly contradictory pictorial idiom.

Friedrich W. Heckmanns

Born in 1935 at Halle an der Salle, Germany

Latest main exhibitions :

  • 2001 Arithmeum, Bonn, Germany
  • 2003 Einhalt und Vielfalt, Kunsthalle, Halle, G
  • 2004 Minimalism and after III, Daimler Chrysler Contemporary, Berlin, G
  • 2004 „Andreas Brandt – Minimale Farbklänge“, Arithmeum, Bonn, G

Works in museums and public collections :

  • Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop, Allemagne
  • Berlinische Gallerie, Berlin, Allemagne
  • Hamburger Kunsthalle, Allemagne


Schwarz-Gelb 1984

Schwarz-Gelb 1984

48,5 X 81 CM

DKI Blau-Weiss-Rot 1987

DKI Blau-Weiss-Rot 1987

60 X 100 CM

Acrylique et huile / toile

Schwarz-Rot 1985

Schwarz-Rot 1985

81 x 135 cm