A tribute to Henri Prosi

PROLONGATION until July 13th

Past exhibitionFrom 20 May to 30 June 2011

Henri Prosi left us during last summer, suddenly. The evidence to pay him a tribute with the assistance of his wife Jacqueline, shows us an admirable exhibition with astonishing works that had been hidden for more than 30 years. A catalogue will relate the different creative periods of his life.
It is with deep emotion that we collected several declarations. Among them, this lovely letter by Roger Leloup, close friend to Jean and Micheline Legros, or this homage written by Domitille d’Orgeval concerning Henri Prosi’s engagement for the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles. Jacky Ferrand’s text is more an analysis of the work in progress of his friend. Here is an excerpt of his preface who illustrates well Prosi’s researches :

“Measuring, segmenting, moving, disturbing, shifting, repeating, varying, assembling, alternating, decentering, unbalancing, fragmenting, joining, disjointing: the operations at work in Prosi’s painting are infinitely rich. When combined, they generate a kind of polymorphic translation in the sense that an explicitly stated visual arrangement subtends other—implicit, creative—ones. Thus dividing a surface can convey a multiplicity of modules; repeating one shape sometimes conveys another, specific shape as a result; asserting one color implies its complementary; breaking a straight line creates an angle; rotating a shape underscores a frame; separating surfaces creates lines; repeating and inverting a form generates rhythm; working at the edges stresses the void in the center; dividing the support anchors the painted surface. And, more important, far from simply revealing certain perceptual ambiguities and establishing an interplay of oppositions, Prosi stratifies potential interpretations which then overlap, thus balancing, intensifying and sometimes canceling one another.”


A tribute to Henri Prosi. PROLONGATION until July 13th