Yves Popet - Sigurd Rompza

Exhibition from the 14th of march to the of 10th of april

Past exhibitionFrom 10 March to 10 April 2009

Make no mistake: Yve Popet’s squares should not be grasped for their bright colors or relative changes in outline, but as stem-cells ready for every adventure. Beyond these palimpsests, countless desires are imaginable, as are countless anguishes that remain the private realm of every individual, but in this instance relate to the artist, with all due reserve. By conjugating shapes and colors he steers us through the looking glass into an ineffable mirage. As a skilled diachronicist, he transposes his story by discoursing with the Platonist archetype, showing us that there is meaning behind artistic choices that transcend the simple statement, exposing the ambiguity of certainty.
Rompza, meanwhile, is not content with a square. He insists on a cube, or what he displays of one. Skillfully walking a tightrope, he levitates as he eagerly shows us his perspectives, juggling with light, color, and a vague vanishing point. Insidiously, he denounces all geometric allegories with worthy perversity. He makes us question the oscillation between an allegiance to objective reality and the authority of optical illusion, between deduction and induction.
Is a paradigm essential to all vision? Will it destroy our freedom?

That is where Popet and Rompza wish to lead us. Let us follow.

Jean-Claude Lahumière February 2009


Yves Popet - Sigurd Rompza. Exhibition from the 14th of march to the of 10th of april