Nathalie Delasalle

À propos de l'artiste

"Nathalie Delasalle’s sculptures create a dialogue with the randomness of the elements. The white surfaces are like receptors, shaded and coloured by infinite variations of light, coming to life through fleeting patterns as clouds pass overhead, the sun crosses the sky or the observer changes his position. They illustrate a unique conjunction of the elements where something imperceptible blends in with the body of the sculpture, recreating a moment of pure poetry.’’
Excerpt of a text by Lise Rousset Lesieur in "L’ombre en lumière".

Born in 1962 in Milan (Italy), lives and works in Paris

Main latest exhibitions :

  • 2012 "Le jour même" Grand Théâtre d’Angers
  • 2012 "White is white ?" Espace Icare, Issy les Moulinaux
  • 2011 "Géométries" Ambassade du Venezuela, Paris
  • 2008 "Couleur de lumière" Centre culturel, Gentilly
  • 2002 Centre d’Art Contemporain, Clamart

Main commissions and acquisitions :

  • "Au commencement" Satoru Sato Art Museum, Japon
  • "Autre part" Vente Tomé Drouot Montaigne, Paris
  • "White spirit" Hôtel de ville d’Angers
  • "L’immobile" St Joseph Grande Synthe, Dunkerque

The work is also in thirty Collections in Europe and abroad :

In Australia, Canada, China (Hong-Kong), Japan, Israel, Lebanon and Madagascar


Mur du son 2010

Mur du son 2010

Synthèse de marbre

Confident 2006

Confident 2006

Synthèse de marbre
65 X 40 X 85 CM

Maintenant 2012

Maintenant 2012

Synthèse de marbre 93 x 93 x 10 cm